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Pontoon Trip Packing List

When preparing for your next pontoon trip, packing properly is the number one thing you can do to ensure you have a great experience on the water. Make it easy on yourself by gathering information beforehand and focusing on the essentials for your destination. All it takes is a little preparation, and your boating trip will be remembered for all the right reasons. Here are 10 tips to help get you started:

Safety Equipment – Ensure your boat has the proper safety equipment for everyone on board, including properly fitting life jackets for all boaters.
First Aid Kit – Stock a first aid kit with bandages, gauze and antiseptic cream as well as motion sickness medication. Hand sanitizer and wipes are nice if you’re going to be handling fish and hooks.
Sun Protection – Packing sunscreen and lip protection is something you will need year around! Being outside for hours on end exposes your skin to harmful UV rays, even if there is cloud cover.
Polarized sunglasses – The sun’s harmful rays can reflect off the emerald waters and harm your eyes, do not forget to pack polarized sunglasses!
The temperature can make extreme swings when the sun comes up or goes down, so bring along a few extra layers such as a light jacket or sweatshirt.
Dry Bag – You might want a “dry bag” for extra clothing, towels, electronics, documents and other things that you don’t want to get wet.
Non-slip Shoes – Non-slip shoes for on-board the boat, and water shoes for anchoring out and exploring small islands.
Cooler – An insulated cooler for drinks and snacks! A long day of boating can make everyone a little hungry, pack chips, fruit, lunchables or sandwiches for a quick bite to eat.
Waterproof Camera – Don’t let the moments slip away, pack a point-and-shoot waterproof camera and an extra memory card to capture and preserve memories from your trip.

Drinks & Snacks – Make sure you bring along a variety of snacks and prepare a lunch if you’re going to be gone all day. Bottled water is a necessity, particularly if you’re taking a long trip in the hot sun. The last thing you want is to become dehydrated.

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